Restaurant Asks Black Guests To Prepay For Their Meal, But They’re Not Getting Away With That Nonsense

Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant is about to pay for its discriminatory actions. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered the restaurant pay 10,000 dollars to Emile Hickman and his friends after staff demanded that the group of four, the only black people in the restaurant at the time, pay for their meal before it was even on the table. The restaurant insisted that this was the policy, but that was easily discredited once the group asked their fellow diners. It soon became clear that the group was being targeted for the color of their skin. “The average Canadian never calls themselves racist,” said Hickman, “but if a significant part of the population have legitimate stories of being discriminated against, this has to be seen beyond the scope of a restaurant claim.”

On Twitter, Hickman and his friends were widely met with support.

Twitter also decided that Hong Shing is cancelled. 

Hopefully this has taught Hong Shing Restaurant to be more gracious and less suspicious to its guests of color. After all, it’s a lesson they’ll be paying $10,000 to learn.