You May Already Know The Fierce Dancing Deadpool In The New Celine Dione Music Video

There certainly seemed to be a lot of shenanigans happening on the video set of Céline Dion’s new single, “Ashes,” for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. Dion sings the ballad with grace and her trademark dramatic flair — right up until Deadpool comes dancing on stage in a pair of stilettos.

Who was that masked man in high heels gyrating for Dion? It turns out it was none other than Yanis Marshall. Ryan Reynolds, the real Deadpool, broke the news on his Instagram, along with quite the endorsement of Marshall’s talents.

The mystery of the high-heeled dancer has now been solved:

Writer Nick Romano spotted the announcement from Reynolds and posted it to Twitter:

Marshall let the cat out of the bag, or the dancer out of the suit:

The revelation sent fans into a frenzy:

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, you’re a middle-aged writer living in Kansas. You might not know what all the cool kids are talking about, so here is a crash course in all things Yanis. 

He choreographed and danced in this viral video:

And he appeared with his dancers on Britain’s Got Talent:

And he might just be Reynold’s new BFF because there’s a lot of cuteness happening here:

You can watch Marshall in all his dancing glory below.

H/T: Insider