Deadpool Director Explains How Celine Dion Came On Board For That Insane Music Video

With Deadpool 2 set to hit theaters on May 18, anticipation is growing rather intense. One of Deadpool’s superpowers is sarcastically breaking the fourth wall, and a music video dropped on Thursday that did not disappoint. The video features Céline Dion belting out a ballad called “Ashes” while Deadpool dances beside her onstage. Afterwards, Deadpool tells Dion that her performance was too good, and their back-and-forth is perfect.

Just watch…

If this isn’t classic Deadpool, we don’t know what is:

This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. Alright, you’re at like an eleven. We need to get you down to a five, five-and-a-half tops. Just phone it in.

In just two days, the song has racked up more than two million views. But how did this whole moment come to be? In an interview in EW, the director of both the music video and the film, David Leitch, said he needed a big power ballad to be a thematic centerpiece in the movie.

Leitch explained:

We were meeting with songwriters, we were hearing riffs and ideas, I was giving them briefings on thematics. And we ended up discovering the song ‘Ashes.’ It just sort of fit and ticked all the boxes of what I was trying to do, story-wise. And I was like, man, I really would love to find an artist to record this — a contemporary artist who’s got the chops to make it super emotional.

He went on:

I brought it to Ryan Reynolds and we started to riff on it. And he’s like, ‘You know who we should get? We should approach Céline. She’s an incredible singer, she’s amazing, but she’s also someone who works in the sort of subversive Deadpool universe.’ … We had the song that was going to work for the movie, and then Ryan reached out and said, ‘Céline, would you like to record it?’ And then together we came up with this idea of having the music video.

Both Reynolds and Dion are Canadian, so this music video is full of Canadian royalty.

Not surprisingly, fans were living for that scene at the end:

Others were just there for Dion:

And, of course, this is just icing:

Now we need to know if Céline is going to have a cameo!

H/T: Twitter, EW