Parents Are Sharing Photos From Before And After Having Kids–And Oof.

Mike Julianelle writes a blog called Dad and Buried, which documents his life as the father of two young boys, seven and two. A few years ago he started an Instagram account called “Got Toddlered” that shows photos of things that got destroyed after having the little ones.

He decided to share a before and after photo of life pre- and post-children:

Someone suggested he take submissions from other parents, and he happily obliged.

There’s this baby saliva facial:

And this crowded photo:

We’re sure this mom will find time for her inner glamour queen again:

There’s this budding makeup artist:

And this dad who’s probably not crushing beer cans anymore:

There’s this daddy makeover:

And this mom who’s resigned herself to feeding time:

Check out this buried mother:

This toddler is working on their rock star moves:

While this mom decided her toddler had to get in on her cute Snapchat filter:

This toddler is training to be a masseuse:

While this one is exploring their inner artist:

This mom hasn’t aged a day:

And this furbaby got a new friend:

Maybe they’ll be able to rest when their children are teenagers? Probably not.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Instagram