A Colorado Woman Tried To Microwave A Urine Sample At 7-Eleven—And It Did Not Go Well

In what appeared to be an attempt to trick her way through a drug test, a Colorado woman came up with the questionable idea of heating her urine in a microwave. We can only assume she didn’t have her own microwave, so she took the urine sample to a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store.

Yes, that is correct. This woman took her pee and placed it in the same microwave that construction workers and students use to heat up lunchtime burritos and ramen noodles. 

Of course it didn’t go well. After a clerk heard a loud bang from the microwave, he saw 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez removing a plastic bottle from the oven. When the clerk confronted her, she wiped liquid that smelled of urine onto the floor and walked out of the store. 

Police caught up with Sanchez a short time later at…wait for it…a nearby clinic where she was scheduled to take a urinalysis test for future employment. 

Let’s hope it wasn’t a job in the food industry.