Ariana Grande And NASA Just Bonded Over Their Mutual Love Of Jupiter And Neptune

Saturday night, Pop Star Ariana Grande was completely obsessed with Jupiter—and *spoiler alert* Neptune. She hit up both her Twitter and InstaStories with a cosmic deep dive and share. It was her own personal planetary love fest and it got the attention of NASA.

While Ari started off talking about how amazing Jupiter is, she posted on one shot:

Not sure if any of you have seen these new photos of Jupiter, but I f*ckin have, and it’s all I’ve been thinking about all day.

On another she noted:

  I am so in love with this incredible and mysterious and beautiful universe. Oh wow! We are so small…

She pitted planet against planet—first, dissing her home planet of earth before conceding earth’s superiority saying:

    Jupiter can like get it. Earth is shaking. Jupiter is THAT bitch. J/k Earth is THAT bitch. Tbh.

She spoke directly and affectionately to the 5th planet from our Sun:

  Jupiter you’re major. We appreciate you Jupiter.

But she wasn’t done yet so she hit ’em up on Twitter:

Before then moving on to dump Jupiter altogether—in favor of Neptune!!

Ariana’s fans were all about it…

Even NASA got in on the act…

I think we all know what must happen now…

H/T: Twitter, Instagram Stories