This ‘Planet Earth’ Parody Shows That The Animal Kingdom Is Maybe A Bit Too Relatable 😂

From ridiculous sweaters to sunglasses and skateboards, humans can’t help but try to turn animals into…well, humans. We constantly ask our dogs, “Who’s a good boy?” when we know they can’t possibly answer that question. We even take them to “Mommy and Me” style workouts. (Yes, that is a thing.)

Now College Humor has take it one step further and given a human perspective, with all its dating drama, to the animal kingdom. In a Planet Earth parody, right down to a spot-on impersonation of David Attenborough’s British voiceover, the video brings us into the mindset of the single animal crowd. The struggle is real. 

We had to laugh at lines like:

Another lizard, Kyle, is also on this tree today and he just oozes toxic masculinity.

And this one:

This penguin looks around at the flock of men and thinks, ‘Why are all the good ones gay?’

Check out the video below and see if you can’t relate. We sure can!

H/T: Huffington Post