Disturbing ‘Deodorant Challenge’ Leaves Teen With Disfiguring Burns

If you thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel with teenagers eating Tide Pods, wait until you get a load of the next challenge to hit the internet. It’s called the “Deodorant Challenge” and it left one girl with second-degree burns on her forearm. 

Ellie, a 15-year-old living in England, may need a skin graft on her arm after participating in a challenge that involves spraying deodorant on the skin for as long as the person can take it. 

Ellie describes doing the challenge with her South Gloucestershire classmates:

It’s a hole in my arm and there’s all this yellow stuff coming out. My friend did it a year ago and has a scar, but said it wasn’t as painful as mine. When I show people my injury they lift up their sleeves and show that they’ve all had it done too. 

Ellie’s mother, Jamie Prescott, took to Facebook to warn other parents of what their kids might be up to:

For any parents who have children, please, please sit them down and show them these pictures. These are the damaging results of something known as ‘The Deodorant Challenge’ which is currently doing the rounds.

It literally involves spraying deodorant on to someone else for as long as possible. It’s that simple, and results in severe secondary burns. The pictures below are that of my daughter’s arm THREE WEEKS ON which may still as yet require a skin graft.

Ellie’s injuries are horrendous and if we can stop others doing it that will be great. As you can see from the yellow padding, it is still weeping excessively. Ellie met friends at the local park and they asked her to do the challenge, which she hadn’t heard of.

Other children have asked what’s wrong with her arm but they have also had it done and show their scars.

News of this latest challenge has hit the internet and people are shaking their heads. 

Some people thought it was time to let natural selection run its course. 

But it turns out this particular challenge was a thing before challenges were a thing. 

So it turns out young people do dumb things regardless of the generation.

Krissy blamed Democrats even thought the story originated in England.

Maybe teenagers have always rebelled by doing stupid things, but now parents know because of the internet?

The Washington Post had this to say about these challenges:

Dumb and dangerous online teen challenges are repeat visitors to the news cycle. And they bring with them a whole world of factual murkiness. In this case, as in many others, the challenge itself appears to be real, and dangerous. But there’s little definitive evidence that it has actually gone viral among teenagers in Britain or elsewhere on social media. Instead, the thing that trends is often the warning about the challenge.

For many of us, the saving grace is…

And if you can’t handle teenagers being teenagers, there is always this option:

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