A Meme Asked People What 4 Words Every Girl Wants To Hear, And The Responses Are Too Good 😂

Twitter is all about wooing the ladies lately. 

A meme asking for “the four words every woman wants whispered in her ear” has been gaining a lot of traction. Personally, whispering isn’t my jam. That’s a lot of hot and humid directed at the side of one’s face. Still, some people are into it. 

To those people, I’d like to say don’t bother taking notes. You’re not going to learn any magic words here. Just kick your feet up and enjoy the laugh because Twitter went in. 

There were the kinds of answers you’d expect:

Breaking News: Women are really hungry!

Speaking of snacks, look who got involved…

Only try this one if she’s a Trekkie:

You know how we said not to bother taking notes? We lied. Write this one down.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable