Catholics Are Crying ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Over The Met Gala—But The Internet Has The Receipts

This year’s Met Gala is coming under fire (and brimstone) for its theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Some people, like journalist and Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan, are using the gala’s theme to cry cultural appropriation of the Catholic religion.

People were quick to point out that critics were reaching, arguing that the definition of cultural appropriation wouldn’t extend to one of the most powerful churches in the world.

Twitter user Irma Hinojosa seemed particularly offended. Her Twitter profile says she’s Christian but doesn’t specify Catholic.

It didn’t take long for people to call out her hypocrisy.

This Twitter user tried to explain the difference:

Hinojosa wasn’t alone in her pearl clutching. Morgan also chimed in:

But people weren’t buying it, and they brought receipts: 

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes played dumb.

The Cat Lady took his question at face value and happily answered. Me-OW!

The consensus was that the Catholic Church, a global superpower, was not harmed by the Met Gala or the art exhibit.

In a series of tweets The Met clarified the purpose of the exhibit: 

H/T: Twitter Moments