Jennifer Lopez Busted A Move To Some Of The Least Danceable Songs Ever, And It Was Magical

It is well known that The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon loves to play games and one of his favorite partners is Jennifer Lopez. The actress/singer/dancer appeared with Fallon on Wednesday and the two squared off for a “fast dance to slow music” competition.  

The idea behind the competition was to see who could dance the best fast dance to a classic 70’s balled. With  The Roots’ Questlove  selecting the slow jams, we knew this would be good. First up for Lopez, was the classic Commodores song Three Times A Lady. 

Great song, but not one most people can dance to. That is until Lopez strutted her stuff. 

Lopez retweeted the dance moves for her fans. 

There was some debate on who did it better. 

There were no losers in this game. 

H/T: Huffington Post