Now 50 Cent Is Taking Jabs At Kanye On Twitter Following A Series Of Bizarre Tweets

Kanye West seems to have lost his marbles.

Between suddenly being an open Trump supporter:

For which he lost 14 million followers, including Rihanna, who literally logged onto Twitter JUST to unfollow West and then logged out

And the “thought police”:

And then, he opened his mouth and somehow some of the words that came out were “slavery was a choice”:

50 Cent has pretty clearly had it with Kanye.  

After an eyebrow-raising string of tweets about masturbating, 50 Cent turned around and said:

And the jabs certainly did not end there.  In fact, they snowballed:

And the fans know EXACTLY who he’s heckling.

And people are over Kanye’s rhetoric.

So, Fiddy, we think you’re onto something.

H/T: People