New John Cho And Debra Messing Movie Is Told Entirely Through Computer Screens And It Looks Tense AF

A new movie starring John Cho has a fascinating twist: it’s shot only on smartphone and computer screens. The film, titled Searching,  centers on Cho’s hunt for his missing daughter, and also stars Debra Messing. 

In the movie, Cho uses his 16-year-old daughter’s computer to attempt to locate her. In doing so, he discovers some unexpected things about Margot’s personal life. He enlists the help of a police detective, played by Debra Messing, to stitch together the clues. 

The movie premiered at Sundance, in the “Next” section, where it won the Audience Award. It also received the Alfred P. Sloan Prize. It comes from writer/director Aneesh Chaganty, who, up until this point, has only directed and written short films, including Google Glass: Seeds, Adventure, Wisconsin, Monsters, Alibi, and The Sound of Evanescence. 

Actor John Cho is best known for playing Harole Lee in the Harold & Kumar franchise. He’s also known for coining the term MILF in the American Pie films. In FlashForward, Cho played FBI agent Demetri Noh. He also played Chau Presley on the sitcom Off Centre and Andrew Kim in The Exorcist. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the film, Cho said, “It was incredibly emotional for me… Even though I’ve been doing work that has been in that way pushing boundaries, I felt like this was the glimpse of the end game, to see a complete family. It was a new achievement.” 

H/T: Entertainment Weekly, Twitter