Girl Visits Her Long-Distance Boyfriend For The Weekend But Is Ghosted When She Gets There

They dated on and off for eight years. She’d already visited his hometown. She was planning another visit– upon his request. Then, he ghosted her. She hasn’t heard from him since. 

The woes of the millennial dating scene are not lost on most of us, but one of the worst trends to have developed in the past few years is ‘ghosting’. Urban Dictionary defines the far-too-common phenomenon as “The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date.”

In this case, a girl referred to as Aliyah was ghosted by her long-distance boyfriend during a trip to visit him. The pair met in 2010, when he attended university in her hometown. After he graduated, he moved back to his hometown, but the two kept dating on-and off.

Whenever they did see each other, they would go on dates, but Aliyah admits they were also open to seeing other people because he “wanted marriage and kids” and she was only 20-years-old.  In October 2017, however, the pair rekindled things and they become much more serious. 

“We talked about a future — getting engaged in six to eight months, marriage and kids within the next year and a half. All was well. This past weekend (Apr. 19-21) I had a course in his hometown and he told me to stay the entire weekend so we could spend it together.”

Then, that Friday night, he stopped responding. The next morning- nothing. When Aliyah went to check her social media accounts, she saw that she had been blocked on Whatsapp, Snapchat, and calling. 

“So there I was left in this big city all alone — hotel and flights booked for the entire weekend and all I wanted to do was die and go home so badly. I was an utter mess. And I have not heard from him since.”

This, clearly, is one of the scummiest things a person can do. And what’s potentially worse is that the last text the guy sent her was: “I’m in Rome. PS, I think you are officially the most beautiful Italian woman ever. I can make this claim since I’m surrounded by Italian women.” Not only did he share that he was in Rome, as Elite Daily points out, but he called her the most beautiful Italian women ‘ever’. Tsk, tsk. 


H/T: Elite Daily