Man Intentionally Invites Girlfriend To His Messy Home To See If She’ll Clean It Up And The Internet Roasts Him

Some people are messy. Some people are organized. Some people intentionally make a mess in their place, then invite their girlfriend over to see if she will clean up the place. Okay, not some people.

We’re specifically talking about @VJBritemanLive, who tweeted this last Tuesday:

Yes, a grown man created a disaster at his place to see if a woman would clean it up for him so he could decide whether or not she was “wife material.”

Naturally, people roasted the hell out of him:

Some confused souls thought the girlfriend neglected to clean up after herself:

But don’t worry! The man soon clarified:

Many people thought this was a sure sign she should run:

And it turns out she did break up with him when she saw his tweet:

Actually, we think we’ll just congratulate her.

H/T: Twitter