Sexuality Expert Says You Should Get Consent From Your Baby Before Changing Their Diaper

Deanne Carlson is a sexuality expert who lives in Australia. She recently argued on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that parents should ask their babies for consent before changing their diapers.

You can watch the full discussion here:

The chyron may inspire immediate scorn, but she’s really getting into a deeper and necessary issue. Part of the culture of misogyny that has pervaded this country and every industry has been the idea that our bodies don’t entirely belong to us, and this is especially true for women. In the interview, Carlson acknowledges that a baby can’t respond, but argues that we should instill the idea that our children’s bodies belong to them from a young age. While perhaps not the best example, it’s a worthy cause.

This didn’t stop people from talking about how ridiculous they thought it was:

It even became a hot topic on Australian daytime news:

Others understood the point but thought the method was flawed:

Some people, however, got what she was saying:

Perhaps she could have chosen a better way to instill the value of consent early in life, but the idea is still important.

H/T: Twitter