Beagle Spared From Euthanasia Looks As Happy As Can Be After Being Rescued

A pic of a two-year-old beagle in Ohio, who was rescued just two days before he was scheduled to be euthanized, has gone viral. The rescuers are Schenley and Joe Kirk who co-founded the non-profit, Hound Rescue and Sanctuary.

The priceless puppy photo—captioned “The BEST Freedom Ride Picture EVER!”—was posted on Facebook by Schenley and has been shared more than 8,000 times. It shows the the beagle, Gregory, with Joe Kirk on the ride home from the shelter.  

Check it out:

Gregory was brought to Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus in late April when he was found as a stray. At first, he was thought to be healthy, but upon closer inspection it was discovered that he had heartworms—that’s why he was on the euthanasia list.  

But lucky for Gregory, Schenley saw him during one of her routine shelter checks and knew she had to save him.  

The story made Twitter all mushy inside:

Joe Kirk drove two hours to pick up Gregory from the shelter. Although the two were technically strangers, Kirk told TODAY that it felt like they’d “known each other for years.” Forgoing the usual travel crate, Kirk snapped the pics of him with the beaming beagle on the ride home while stopped at a traffic light. He told his wife that all the dog wanted to do was snuggle up close to him during the drive.

Commenters were grateful to the Kirk’s for Gregory’s rescue: 

Some Twitterers shared their own similar stories:

Of their the work they do, Schenley said:

That is why we do what we do. That is what makes it all worthwhile, knowing that we are able to save the lives of these dogs in need. And their appreciation and the love they give back is amazing. There’s nothing better.

Twitterer, Carla Kramer, expressed how grateful rescue dogs can be:

As for Gregory, he is currently being treated for his heartworms and already has a family interested in adopting him permanently once he gets a clean bill of health. 

If you’d like to help support rescue dogs in finding good homes, check out the Kirk’s non-profit Hound Rescue and Sanctuary. Also: Saving Great Animals, a non-profit rescue organization that has helped 7,000 dogs find homes since 2007.

H/T: Today, Twitter, Hound Rescue and Sanctuary