White Nationalists Tried To Use An Image Of Sophie Turner For Their Movement And She Was Not Having It

Ah, white nationalists, the gift that keeps on being a steaming pile of you know what. 

One area in which they have been frighteningly adept at spreading their noxious rhetoric is in online propaganda, which often manifests in awful memes. 

Last week, an account linked to white nationalists posted a photo of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and emblazoned over her were the words…

“White people exist. 

White people have the right to exist. 

White people have the right to exist as white people. 

Be white.”

There were additional hashtags such as, #WarOnWhites #WhiteGenocide #ItsOkayToBeWhite #ItsOKToBeWhite. 


And no, we are not posting the meme. 

Two days later, Sophie Turner got wind of the meme, and responded…

Naturally, people were here for it…

While others wondered whether or not she should take legal action…

All hail the Queen of the North…

H/T: The Insider, Twitter