Ryan Reynolds Just Sang His Heart Out In A Surprise Appearance On A Korean Game Show

Ever since he followed through on his promise to bring Deadpool to the silver screen, Ryan Reynolds has been popping up everywhere. One of his more unexpected appearances was on the Korean singing show, King of Mask Singer

In a rather impressive performance, Reynolds took to the stage donning a ridiculous unicorn mask and sparkling cape and belted out Annie’s “Tomorrow.” During the song, Reynolds impresses and confuses the unknowing judges, who were anxious to know who was behind the colorful costume.

Reynolds’ ability to carry a tune aside, the reaction of the show’s judges are what really sell the moment. Completely unaware of Reynolds’ presence, when he reveals himself, they all react like gitty fanboys and girls, with one even excitedly shouting “Get me a photo, get me a photo!” 

Despite the confidence he seems to exude everywhere he goes, the Deadpool star admits to being nervous, jokingly admitting “I’m wearing an adult diaper.” As the judges sling praise his way – including Gim Gu-ra’s compliment on 2006’s Smokin’ Aces – Reynolds does appear a bit uncomfortable.

King of Mask Singer’s host, Kim Seong-joo, explains cryptically to the audience that the actor is in Korea for one night and two days. According to Seong-joo, whatever brought him to the Pacific nation would be revealed at 6 pm local time, though it’s safe to assume it has something to do with Deadpool 2.

Reynolds appearance was a surprise to everyone but the show’s production staff. On stage, he admits that his wife, Blake Lively, wasn’t even aware that he’d be showing up on the Korean version of The Voice.

If there’s anything to be gained from Reynolds’ surprise appearance on King of Mask Singer, it’s that he can sing, he’s still a delight, he’s loved around the globe, and we definitely don’t deserve him.   

H/T: Twitter