A Samuel L. Jackson Fan Tweeted About Getting Rejected For A Picture, And Jackson Called Him Out

Rule #1 on the internet: If you don’t want to be called out on something, don’t post it publicly. 

Samuel L. Jackson started his day off by calling out a fan, who tweeted about his interaction with the Avengers actor. According to Twitter user Jerk Nowitzki (@WHUTUPDOE), he passed Jackson on the street and requested a photo, which the actor declined. 

Jackson’s response? “I think not.”

Not wanting his good name to be sullied, Samuel L. took to the social media platform and responded directly:

Which caused user @WHUTUPDOE to backtrack a bit:

As can be expected, there were responses on both sides of the drama.

Some called out @WHUTUPDOE:

While others took the opportunity to share their own Samuel L. Jackson experiences:

And Roger had his own theory:

Others just appreciated the phenomenon that is Samuel L. Jackson:

But no matter where you fell on the divide, @WHUTUPDOE took a step back to really observe the reactions:

Pretty much sounds like another day on the Internet.

H/T: Twitter