Someone Just Revealed What Mario Would Look Like With No Facial Hear—And It’s…Different

Twitter user Justice For Bald Mario, posted a rendering of a reimagined photo of what Mario would look like completely shaved. The image was then posted by another Twitter user and things exploded from there. 

People are just trying to get over the image of a bald Mario, seared in their brains, while also watching the feud unfold over credit for this abomination. Get the popcorn, things are getting too intense. 

First the horrifying image that started it all. 

The image was then taken and shared by Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Doughnuts. 

People had huge feels over this. 

But none of the feels were as strong as Justice For Bald Mario. 

With over 141,000 likes, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Doughnuts wasn’t about to take the image down, but he did throw out a paltry —

Clearly doing the right thing takes a distant second place to getting Twitter likes. 

We may disagree on the re-tweeting/sharing ethics, but we certainly all agree Bald Mario is disturbing. 

H/T: Twitter Moments