Apparently All It Took To Stop Thanos Was The Toronto Police Department 😂


The Avengers should be ashamed. Completely embarrassed. They threw everything they had at the Mad Titan, Thanos, and still couldn’t stop him from… well, let’s just say from being evil. It’s a little too soon to be throwing spoilers around without warning.

What Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Bruce Banner, and the rest of the Avengers squad really needed was help from the Toronto police. It’s true. Take a look at this moment, captured and shared on social media for all to gawk at. 


In a moment too perfect not to go viral, the Toronto Police Service are seen escorting the Mad Titan into the back of a police car. The moment is made even more hilarious by the fact that officers seemed to have handcuffed him with his Infinity Gauntlet still on.


Why Thanos was being arrested and who was really behind that rather impressive looking costume remains a mystery for now, but we can live with being a little ignorant if it means we can enjoy this photo for what it appears to be: the Toronto police doing what the Avengers couldn’t. Quite frankly, it’s probably worth betting that this photo was staged as it’s just a little too perfect. It also does look like the cop is posing for the crowd of onlookers.


Of course, an image like this was bound to go viral and the Twitterverse picked up on it pretty quick. The result is a library of witty and often hilarious responses, including one that suggests the Toronto Police may have landed themselves a spot in the fourth Avengers movie. Others have pointed out that this isn’t the first time the Mad Titan has been hauled away in handcuffs. 

Whatever the truth is behind this picture, we’re just glad it exists. It definitely beats out that time Calgary Police apprehended Wolverine.

H/T: Twitter