$70 Million Picasso Painting Is ‘Accidentally Destroyed’ Days Before Auction—And It’s Happened Before

A Picasso painting has been damaged just days before it was expected to be auctioned off for $70 million, according to the Greenville News. 

The piece, titled “Le Marlin” or “The Sailor”, was “damaged during the final states of preparation,” according to the outlet. The specific nature of the damages is being kept under wraps. 

It is now undergoing a restoration process. A statement issued by the auction house Christie’s reads, “Two outside conservators have now been consulted and have made recommendations for the successful restoration of the painting. After consultation with the consignor today, the painting has been withdrawn from Christie’s May 15 sale to allow the restoration process to begin.”

The painting’s owner is former casino mogul Steve Wynn, and this is not his first debacle with a Picasso painting. In 2006, according to Greenville News, Wynn’s elbow tore through the painting “La Reve” while he was showing it to friends. Luckily, it was able to be restored and was eventually sold for $155 million. 

Billionaire Steve Wynn, 76, is famous for his art collection. According to the Daily Mail, he suffers from a disease that affects his peripheral vision, which is believed to have contributed to the incident where he put his elbow through another Picasso painting. 

H/T: Greenville News, Twitter