Thief Breaks Into Fresno Business And Then Promptly Starts Breakdancing

A California burglary suspect by the name of David Seale threw cops for a loop earlier this month after breaking into a Fresno business, stealing some cash and a laptop, and breakdancing in front of security cameras. 

While the mysterious need to breakdance is confusing the public, authorities are far more concerned with how Seale entered the building in the first place. 

According to KXAN, police say that Seale used copies of the building’s keys to enter. “The mystery right now, is where did he get the keys,” Fresno Police Lieutenant Joe Gomez said. 

Despite the seriousness of the matter, Gomez admits to laughing at the video. “I looked at the video,” he said, “It’s really hysterical.” 

He then showed it to his partner, Brett Runyon, the assistant managing partner at his firm. “Oh my gosh, I did not see this,” said Runyon. “This leads me to believe he’s oblivious… his faculties aren’t all there.” 

Runyon said that his employees saw a hatchet in Seale’s bag when he returned the following day to give back the computer.