Gay Prom Couple’s Walk Home Takes A Surprise Turn After They Pass A Bunch Of Rowdy Bros

A heartwarming story has come to Twitter. It involves a rowdy bachelor party, a couple going to prom, and a happy ending. The story all started when Mike DelMoro, a segment producer for Good Morning America, witnessed a group of rowdy guys at a bachelor party calling out to couples passing by, “Kiss her!” With some embarrassment the couples obliged and all was well.

Harmless enough, right? Well when two young men passed, DelMoro became nervous wondering what the reaction from the party was going to be. 

The couple, Theodore Vidal and his boyfriend, Colin Beyers were returning home from their first prom, still in their matching tuxes, when they came upon the bachelor party.

DelMoro describes seeing what played out next in a series of tweets. 

There were some updates from the “Jersey Bros” who wished Vidal and Beyers the best. 

Turns out DelMoro wasn’t the only one surprised by the reaction. 

Beyers described the moment, saying:

Machismo is such a thing here, so the fact that those guys cheered us on was shocking. It’s one of those small victories that makes the hard times worth it.

Vidal added:

 It was so surprising that these guys were supporting us.

After the story went viral, the teens shared more pictures with Buzzfeed.

And this adorable shot that started it all.

Folks on Twitter loved the story…

Even though some were a bit worried at first. 

But the ending felt so sweet.

H/T: Buzzfeed