Ryan Reynolds Described Just How Uncomfortable That Deadpool Suit Truly Is—And It’s Graphic

Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters at long last this Friday, May 18. As part of the promotional tour ramping up to the big premiere, Ryan Reynolds (the merc with a mouth himself) and Josh Brolin (who plays the movie’s villain, Cable) appeared on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show to discuss making the movie. 

Norton brought up the iconic Deadpool suit Reynolds wears in the movie, but when Graham started to imply Brolin had it harder in the movie because he didn’t have a suit to cover him up, Ryan simply had to jump in!

According to Reynolds, wearing the Deadpool suit isn’t exactly a walk in the park:

Well, it’s like a big, red body condom but yeah, sure, call it a suit. Whatever you want. It’s just like a team of people to get that thing on. I’m always just so terrified I’ll like throw up in the mask or something, you know … there’s no space in that thing, at all. When I put it on, I can actually taste my own genitals. It’s disgusting.

Brolin also jumped to Ryan’s side, saying that while some of his Avengers co-stars (Brolin, of course, played Thanos, Infinity Wars’ big bad) had padding on the inside of their suits to make them look buff, Reynold’s suit did nothing but show off his perfectly sculpted bod. 

Josh described Reynolds as the “Daniel Day-Lewis of comedians,” going into a never-ending workout regimen so he could play the movie’s titular role.

The pair also discussed Brolin’s workout plan, and a video the actor had released trolling his fans. In the video, Brolin seems to be lifting something heavy in a close up, but the camera backs up to reveal he’s forcing out a particularly stubborn movement on the commode. 

After a little chiding, Reynolds admitted: 

Yeah, I filmed it. That was me.

If you want to see some truly beautiful man-love between the two stars, check out the whole interview!

YouTube commenters were here for it all…

Well played, gentlemen, well played.

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