Guy Gives Spot On Impressions Of Characters Who Say ‘You’re Gonna Wanna Take A Look At This’

Movies are known for being a bit formulaic at times—even some of the good ones. Dialogue alone can, at times, sound like it was written using a checklist of stock phrases. We’ve all heard tropes like “don’t you die on me,” “there’s no time to explain,” “we’ve got company,” “why don’t we all split up,” and “it’s not what it looks like,” again and again. 

Luckily, we now have College Humor writer, Ryan Creamer, to thank for breathing new life into one of these hackneyed phrases: “You guys are gonna wanna take a look at this.”

In the following video, Creamer walks us through a smattering of the different character types and situations that utilize this all-too-common line of foreboding dialogue—he gets an A+ for accuracy.

Take a look:

Twitter was delighted:

There was no shortage of love for Creamer:

Though there were a few archetypes Creamer forgot:

So, what do we owe Creamer for his funny, spot-on imitations? 

Not much:  

H/T: Mashable, Twitter