Retirement Expert Reveals How Much You Should Have Saved By Age 35—And Everyone LOL’ed

The National Institute on Retirement Security, says that millennials aren’t saving enough money. Gee, you think? In fact, 66 percent have nothing saved at all. Big shocker considering they entered an era riddled with huge housing costs, mixed with low wages and enormous student debt.

A Financial Times report stated that 33% of millennials will most likely rent until retirement, never owning their own home. Of course there are always experts out there to tell us how we are doing it all wrong. One such group, Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, went so far as to say:

By 35, you should have twice your salary saved.

In other words if you are scrapping by paycheck to paycheck on a measly $24,000 a year, somehow you should be able to bank $48,000. 

Of course people had some feels over this. 

First they responded with humor.

It was all fun and games until people realized nothing about poverty is funny. 

The reality started sinking in. 

And then this conversation happened around alternative retirement plans and things got very dark very fast.

These ladies tried to flip it to a positive… kind of. 

And then a hard crash back to reality. 

Of course all this begs the question—

H/T: Indy 100