Wisconsin High School Seniors Pull Off An Impressive Prank—And Even The Police Had To Give Them Props

A prank can go one of two ways: it will fail miserably and someone or something will get hurt or it will be applauded for its ingenuity. While the former seems to be the more likely scenario, the Class of 2018 at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin proved that pranks are capable of receiving praise. 

The crafty seniors took a white Grand AM GT, cut it in half, and utilized black tarp and scattered bricks to make it appear as if the car had driven through the side of the school. At first glance, it does appear as if the vehicle had driven into the wall, which the Cumberland School District confirms was right outside of the principal’s office. 

The optical illusion was a favorite among the school district if only for one reason: “This prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property,” the district confirmed. Too often the annual pranks cross boundaries that are detrimental to school property and fellow students, but one of this caliber proves that, with some actual thought, they can still be appreciated without being damaging.

What’s most surprising about the senior prank isn’t so much the genius and creativity behind it, but the response it received. Often, senior pranks are chided by school districts and, if necessary, local law enforcement; but the ‘ole “car through the wall” gag has received ample praise.

“Nice work seniors,” the Cumberland School District stated in a Facebook post that seems to take pride in its student’s brilliance. “You had everyone a little nervous this morning!” 

The school district wasn’t the only positive response the Cumberland seniors received, however, as even local law enforcement couldn’t help but celebrate the harmless prank. “Hat’s off to the Cumberland High School Class of 2018 on your senior prank,” the local police department wrote on its Facebook wall. The post goes on to call it “one of the best senior pranks that [the high school] has seen.” 

It’s always nice to see students having good, wholesome fun and the response across social media platforms shows that most of us enjoy a good, harmless prank. Other schools have tried to top it, but there may be no contest  that this is the best senior prank of 2018. 

Not all senior pranks are well received – or well conceived either. In Stark County, OH, four people were arrested in connection with a prank that officials at GlenOak High School say risk student’s safety. The prank involved one senior riding a dirt bike through the halls of the school. The 17-year-old was arrested for inducing panic while another, 18-year-old Eloy A. Lopes, was arrested for trespassing as he held the door open so the driver could escape.

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