ANTM Winner Nyle DiMarco Makes An Important Point About A Marvel Superhero’s Casting

Winner of America’s Next Top Model and activist Nyle DiMarco took to Twitter to call out issues of diversity when it comes to cinema and the disabled. DiMarco, who is deaf, responded to an article on Mic discussing the lack of diversity in Marvel Comic films. Problem is, the article on diversity failed to mention the lack of diversity when it comes to casting actors with disabilities. 

DiMarco pointed out the character of Hawkeye in the comics is deaf but for the movies, the filmmakers made the character able to hear and cast Jeremy Renner in the part. Perhaps it’s time for Marvel to take a serious look at what diversity means and make the appropriate steps to fix the error. 

We think DiMarco would make a fine Hawkeye. Seriously. Super fine. 

DiMarco, in an interview with Mic, discussed the issue of diversity in film including those with disabilities. Far too often they are ignored or left out of the conversation.  

Also, good for Mic for owning up to the mistake and correcting it. 

DiMarco also discussed his frustration with the media always wanting to use his story as a tear jerker. 

H/T: Twitter Moments