Pack Of Vicious Dachshunds Mauls Oklahoma Woman To Death

Tracie Garcia, 52, was walking near her home in Ardmore, Oklahoma, at 10pm when she was attacked by seven small dogs. She later died at the hospital. 

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant confirmed to Fox 25 Boston that the dogs were all under 40 pounds. His statement, however, differs from that of veterinarian Dr. Douglas Aldridge, who stated the dogs were between 35 and 60 pound. 

When deputies arrived at the scene, they shot and killed the dogs who charged them, according to KXII 12. The remaining dogs were later euthanized at their owner’s request. 

Bryant shares with KXII 12, “We’re trying to find out what exactly [happened]… in the county there is no leash law, and that residence is in the county.” He continued, “It’s absolutely awful. Anytime you go to a dog bite call or a dog is attacking people in general, it is disturbing. Our prayers are with the family of the victim, and the rest of the community because this is a very unfortunate situation.”

The breeds of the dogs is still in question. According to a veterinary assistant where their remains were taken, some of the canines were partially dachshund. Authorities are still investigating whether criminal charges should be filed. 

H/T: Twitter, Fox 25 Boston, KXII,  WFTV