Insane Video Shows Livid Woman Throwing Her Own Feces At Tim Horton’s Employees

On Monday, May 14th, at least one Tim Hortons employee earned employee of the month. And a month off of work. The employee at the Canadian chain exhibited calm and collected behavior despite the animalistic actions of a woman that grew furious over not being able to use the bathroom.

When denied use of the facilities, the woman did what any sane individual would do – she dropped her pants and did her business on the floor in front of the employee. Oh, but she didn’t leave it at that. Like a caged monkey at a zoo, she then picked up her feces and flung them over the cash wrap. Remember, we’re talking about a human being.

Security footage of the incident of course found its way onto the internet and, despite being deleted off YouTube, was immortalized forever on Twitter. The 40-second clip shows the visibly irate woman yelling at the Hortons employee before doing her business. When the employee tries to stop her, a phone to his ear with the police likely on the other line, he doesn’t let her get the best of him.

While some may question why he couldn’t just let her use the bathroom, Hortons has a policy in place that restricts access “to ensure the well-being of [its] guests.” If that answer doesn’t quell the debate of whether the employee should have broken policy for her sake, it’s worth noting that he also refused access due to the woman’s “past behavior” and “out of concern for the immediate safety” of other patrons. 

Judging by the video, he may have made the right choice.

One of the funnier aspects to this story really has nothing to do with what unfolded at the Langley location, but rather the reaction on Twitter. Clearly, there is no love loss for Tim Hortons.

The woman was detained and later released by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Langley, British Columbia, but her name has yet to be released.

If you’re looking for the positive spin on this story, consider this: at least she wiped. 

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed