People Are Sharing Their Best Ways To Break Up With Someone In Four Words

The Twittersphere has caught onto a new trend this week. Social media users have been flocking to Twitter to write how people can #EndARelationshipIn4Words and some of the options are quiet the riot. 

With all the Laurel/Yanny drama that’s taken place, one user, Danielle Fishel, wrote, “I only hear laurel”. 

Celebrities have been getting in on the action, too. On Wednesday, Katy Perry tweeted,  “Who ate my snacks?!” Which is a very valid argument; if food is stolen, relationships may just hit their end. 

A lot of the responses have political and/or more serious messages. One user wrote, “Slavery was a choice,” making a reference to Kanye West’s recent statement that landed him in hot water. Another wrote, “I’m not racist but…” As for the political Tweets, there are, well, many. Multiple social media users have decided that the phrase, “I like Donald Trump” would end their relatioship.

Interested in seeing how else you can #EndARelationshipIn4Words? Read on. 

H/T: Twitter