This Disappointing ‘Expectation vs. Reality’ Photo Of Hotel Pool Is Straight Up Ridiculous

Clever camera work can turn a garbage heap into a tropical destination vacation. As Jenny Kershaw found out on her Vietnam visit, shooting from the right angles can mean everything. 

Prior to arriving at the Mari Gold Hotel & Apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam, Kershaw did what every traveler would – she scrolled through the photos of her intended hotel. What she found was what looked to be a crystal blue infinity pool with incredible cityscape views. When she arrived, she definitely had a city view – but as for that sparkling pool? Not so much.

The murky tub of water is far from what anyone would expect from a luxurious hotel pool, topped off with a small metal ladder as its only entry and exit. It’s difficult to gauge depth from the image, but it can’t be any more than three-feet at its deepest – and that may be generous.

When Kershaw shared the side-by-side comparison, the response was as expected. As one Twitter user put it, she was “bamboozled.” Another points out that the ladder is so small that it couldn’t fit the “E” in the world “Welcome.” Michael Brown (@mbrownboy) points out how lucky she was that there was actually water in the pool.

Others, however, weren’t as supportive of Kershaw’s complaints. In fact, Christopher Crouzet (@zcrou) points out, the hotel had another image of the pool that was slightly more forthcoming. “[T]here’s another photo clearly showing that the swimming pool is super small,” he writes, following it up with a jab at the traveler. “I’m sure you’ve seen it too but bitching is definitely more fun, isn’t it?”

That tweet didn’t get the best response as people still chided the misleading photo and turned on Crouzet. Gabriel Puttkammer (@gabrielhalivon) put it in the simplest of terms: “Yeah, [you] are wrong.” Others were a little more wordy and direct.

As pointed out by Maureen Simkins (@maureensimkins), Kershaw should be happy that there even was a pool.,

It does appear that Kershaw’s viral “expectation vs. reality” tweet did garner attention from the hotel. The image that Crouzet referenced in his counterpoint is now labeled with “Free Jacuzzi,” and reached out to the traveler via her Twitter thread.

Despite being given the opportunity to get something out of the viral scenario, Kershaw just wanted to laugh it off.

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