The Royal Wedding Means Bad News For The Homeless In Windsor As Police Push Them Out

This weekend, thousands of people will make their way to Windsor, England for the Royal Wedding. With the influx of wedding-goers, however, comes the removal of homeless people. According to CNN, reports have surfaced that say people’s belongings had to be removed by police and “stored securely over the weekend”. The public has flocked to social media to share their outrage. 

Local police, however, say that there has been no forceful removal of any homeless persons. Melanie Adams, a spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police, tells CNN, “It’s all voluntary. Homeless people are not being targeted.” She added that those with large items are considered a security risk- so those items are what needs to be removed. 

Still, people are outraged. One woman took to Twitter to write, “This royal wedding is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with society, people coming out in hordes to celebrate greed and indulgence of the super wealthy while the homeless are swept away like garbage and kids go hungry.

Another man wrote, “Why are people allowed to camp out on the streets of Windsor awaiting the Royal Wedding but those who are actually homeless have their sleeping bags ripped from them as they are moved on? Completely disgraceful”

H/T: Twitter, CNN