Couple Finds Safe Filled With Treasures In Their Backyard And Do The Right Thing


You’re rummaging through your backyard and stumble upon a rusty container filled with $52,000 worth of gold, diamonds, and cash. What’s your first instinct? If you’re Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel, apparently, you return it to its rightful owner.


The Staten Island couple had lived with an unsightly metal box in their backyard, assuming it to be part of a utility box. It wasn’t until the foliage that covered it was damaged that they decided to inspect it.


What they thought was a cable or electric box was actually a rusting safe filled with wet money, rings, diamonds, and other jewelry. Many would have thought they hit paydirt, but the couple also came across a piece of paper with an address. To their surprise, it was right next door.


“First, I knocked on the door and I asked them if they were ever robbed and they said they were,” Matthew explained, immediately learning that, on December 26, 2011, his neighbors were robbed of their safe. Inside was a value of $52,000, something the cops said they’d never see again.


According to Matthew, the neighbor was shaking when he revealed he had located her safe and didn’t hesitate to hand over the large payload of cash and jewels. “It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t ours,” Maria said. “The reward is karma. Good karma,” added Matthew.


The response to Matthew and Maria’s good deed has been largely positive, with many, like Sam Combs (@SamMirrorFlexes) taking the opportunity to make the obvious joke. 


In an age that seems to be covered by a black cloud of horrible news from all corners of the world, Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel prove there is a glimmer of hope for humanity.


Now, if you don’t mind, I have a very important errand to run…

H/T: Twitter, CNN