Christina Aguilera Claims She Was Twerking Back In The Day–And You Can See For Yourself

 Christina Aguilera didn’t want to brag or anything but she was twerking long before twerking was a thing. In a video for W Magazine, the songstress took a look back on her varied career and when it came to the video for “Dirrty,” Aguilera quietly dropped this little gem:

What was funny about this video was that I didn’t think it was anything to me. I was just having so much fun with my girls and years later, it was called ‘twerking’ I guess, but it had been around for a long time. I was spending time with a lot of dancers that were doing it before it was a thing that was even given a name.

As Aguilera talks, clips of the video pop and, lo and behold, there is young Christina twerking with her bad self.

In case you missed it:

Looks like she was twerkin’ her way around SNL. But we wouldn’t say she “invented” it, obviously:

Some folks have known about this for a while:

Again, we’re pretty sure she didn’t “invent” it. 

I think we can all agree twerking is a better name…

H/T: Insider