Married People Admit The Things They Wish They’d Known Before Tying The Knot

Many things in life take hard work. But, perhaps nothing takes more hard work than keeping a marriage happy and satisfying. Well, people are taking to the internet to share their pearls of wisdom about the things they wish they knew before tying the knot. There were these, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

There’s this smelly warning:

I wish I knew then how much my future husband farted. Don’t get me wrong — it’s hilarious. It’s just…neverending.

And this sage advice about love:

That it’s OK to not always like each other. But you have to choose to love them every day, even when you don’t like them very much.

We learned it’s okay to set your own boundaries:

That you don’t have to follow societal norms. My husband and I sleep in different rooms because it works for us. We sleep better and thus, like each other more.

And money issues are real:

I wish I knew my husband’s spending habits. I discovered pretty quickly after we were married that I’d have to be in charge of the budget, so that he doesn’t blow money on things we don’t need.

But it wasn’t just BuzzFeed tackling this topic! Huffington Post and Bustle got in on the fun too.

There was this reminder to sweat the small stuff:

Gestures of love aren’t the rooms filled with roses or holding boom boxes above your head. The little stuff: folding his underwear without complaint, being the one that gets up with the kid so she can get an extra half hour of sleep, doing the dishes even though it’s his turn because you know he had a hard day — that’s what love looks like.

And the need to maintain independence:

How important it is too have a life outside of your marriage. Too many people go into it thinking you are now a ‘we’ more than a ‘me’ but that is the quickest way to start hating one another.

There was this reminder that marriage should be fun:

Laughter really is the best medicine, as hokey as it sounds.

And this delicate need to negotiate a shared living space:

You and your partner may not be on the same page about how clean and organized things should be.

Twitter users offered up their own advice.

There was encouragement to be unafraid in a relationship:

This gaming tip that definitely seems legit:

There’s this crafty technique:

And this important PSA:

Thanks for the wisdom everyone!

H/T: BuzzFeed, Bustle, Huffington Post, Twitter