Ryan Reynolds Proposed To Red Carpet Host After Seeing Their Grade School Essay On Deadpool

It doesn’t take much to win Ryan Reynolds’ undying love. On the red carpet for Deadpool 2, the actor was interviewed by IGN reporter Max Scoville, who showed him a book report on Deadpool that Scoville wrote when he was in the fifth grade.

Reynolds was blown away and immediately proposed marriage:

This is amazing. Will you marry me?

Scoville was equally taken with Reynolds, saying:

No, your movies are amazing. You did the thing I wanted to see since I was 10.

Reynolds is already married to Blake Lively and Scoville is spoken for, so it seems unlikely the two will ever commit to holy matrimony. Reynolds did throw out the suggestion that they could some day move to a state where it would be legal.

Scoville took to Twitter to soften his hard no to the proposal:

And people were disappointed:

It happens to the best of us. 

Some felt the proposal could have been more genuine:

Who knows? Maybe there is still a way it can work out for these two…

H/T: Mashable