These Restaurants Are Always One Step Ahead Of Us And We Are Not Worthy

Food is really only a small part of a person’s dining experience. We’ve all been to restaurants where the food was fine, but we’re still not that interested in going back. There’s just nothing special, nothing interesting, nothing to create a unique customer experience.  These next restaurants won’t have that problem, though. Check out the innovations they’ve got going for them! 

 1. #TeamBlue 

What can we say, we’re edgy

2. Ambiance

Seaside like whoa. 

3. Gum

Instructions clear, thanks! 

4. Service For All

We’re totally here for any restaurant that helps feed those in need. 

5. You Da Real MVP

These cards were placed in the men’s restroom at a restaurant over Mother’s Day weekend. There was at least one “oh thank god” sighed that day, we guarantee it. 

6. Spillproof

Parents with young kids, chatty teenagers, and clumsy people everywhere would like to thank this restaurant. for their spillproof table pockets.

7. Speaking of Pockets

Tables aren’t the only places you can put a pocket. 

8. Designated Driver

Safety first! 

9. Training Program

Good training is key to enhancing the patrons drinking and dining experience. 

10. So Simple It’s Genius

Crayons that won’t roll off the table? Fiiiiiiiinallyyyyy.

11. We Appreciate This Restaurant

Hydrated puppies, a good meal, AND a judgment-free zone? Yes, please. 

12. Condiment Caddy

Use it properly, like this restaurant does! 

13. Burrito Babies

This… this is just the most helpful burrito size resource we’ve ever seen. 

14. Tip math Is Hard

Restaurants are starting to move away from tipping, but for right now this is SO helpful. 

15. Never Running Out

Every stall is like this. This restaurant loves us so much. 

H/T: Buzzfeed, Imgur