Women Are Sharing Their Honest Post-Baby Bodies And Moms Are Applauding

Pregnancy and labor are really hard on a woman’s body. With the rise of celebrities living their lives in the public eye, we’re seeing a lot of what pregnancy and post-baby bodies can be like with a team of designers, experts, trainers, great lighting, and more. 

The average woman doesn’t have all of those things at her disposal, though, so her recovery will likely be very different. Courageous women are taking to social media to show what things look like for the average woman. Hopefully, their shared images will help people to see reality and to not hold themselves and others to impossible standards. 

Instagram Account TakeBackPostpartum is gathering and sharing some amazing stories and images. 

As the Instagram post says:

LOTS of mothers wear marks from pregnancy and child birth and i’s a MISCONCEPTION that you can get rid of these marks through diet or exercise. You cannot starve your way to taut skin. Nor can you exercise away indented scars. Yes, you can work towards getting your stomach as flat as possible if that’s what you want, but these unrealistic expectations can be harmful.

It’s ok to bare the marks of your pregnancy and birth proudly.

Take a look at some of TakeBackPostpartum’s other posts:

I wanted to share this picture… because THIS is motherhood.

“No matter how you birth, #postpartum is full of healing and finding new normals.”

“You grew a human. You birthed a human, whether they came out of your lady bits or through surgery. You have a postpartum body. Period. End of story.”

“Love love love fresh postpartum bellies! How can a postpartum body be anything but magnificent?!”

“Who can relate? And that smile! “

“Why be ashamed? A life grew inside of you that gives humanity hope of change.”

People are loving these photos.

It’s clear these photos are inspiring so many.

H/T: Instagram, Buzzfeed