Forget Double Your Salary—Here’s What You Should Really Have By The Time You’re 35

If you’re approaching your mid-30’s, chances are you’re in a perpetual state of panic regarding retirement and the cobwebs forming in your bank account. Exacerbating the anxiety, MarketWatch published an article on May 12th that suggested by age 35, you should have twice your salary saved. The immediate response to it wasn’t favorable, with people chiming in stating things like: “I think you meant to say, by 35 you should have debt twice your salary,” and “When did my mom start writing articles?”

Once the initial outrage over the suggestion initially put forth by Boston-based investment firm, Fidelity Investments, subsided, the internet took a different approach with their disbelief. Rather than continue criticizing the article, people came up with their own versions of what they think someone should have by 35-years-old.

Many of them are spot on, such as Lori G (@LoriG) and Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jackerhack), who reference household staples that we all know we have.

Some responses are pretty spot on when it comes to the current generation.

While others are just plain old silly, albeit pretty clever.

It’s quite clear that a very small percentage of people are taking this article seriously. Political scientist Paul Fairie chimes in, claiming “millenials should have 40,000 avocado toasts set aside for retirement.” 

Twitter user Adrian Vermeule (@avermeule) takes the opportunity to give a brief history lesson. 

Then we have fantasy author Sam Sykes, who steps in and offers maybe the most acceptable response. One that we can all easily relate to.

If this article gives you anxiety and these alternate tweets about what you should actually have by 35 aren’t helping quell it, consider one final response from Jeaniene Frost (@Jeaniene_Frost). Hopefully, it will put into perspective the reality of who Fidelity Investments was really speaking to.

H/T: Twitter