German Broadcaster Faces Backlash For Their ‘Racist Coverage’ Of The Royal Wedding

Unless you were under a rock or dealing with one of the many life-changing catastrophes that marred the world in the past week, chances are you saw at least some of the endless Royal Wedding coverage. 

And while most of the coverage was positive, a German broadcaster took a different spin on it:

ZDF, a German-based public broadcaster, came under fire for what many are considering its “racist” coverage of the British royal wedding. Instead of focusing on the lovely couple and their bright future, ZDF instead zeroed in on bride Meghan Markle’s ethnic background.

The broadcaster described Markle, who is half-black, and the wedding’s black wedding guests as “exotic” and seemed enthralled by how African-American women straighten their hair. As the Huffington Post in Germany explained: “The station never tires of emphasizing that Meghan Markle … is black. Black, black, black.”

Kate Brady (@kbrady90) broke down some of the more controversial comments said during the broadcast. The list includes, “Meghan always wanted a Barbie doll family. But there were only white and black Barbie families,” and “The choir sang beautifully black.”

The broadcast garnered negative backlash via emails, phone, and, of course, Twitter. It’s hard to feel sympathetic to the announcers behind the royal wedding coverage, especially after it spent an unusual amount of time discussing Meghan’s mothers “dreadlocks” and how African-American women de-curl their hair, just “as Meghan probably does all the time.” The wedding was televised all over the globe and revered for its importance to the royal family and the German broadcast diluted made a mockery of it, whether intentional or not. 

ZDF offered no apologies for the coverage, instead stating that it takes “the criticism of our viewers seriously” and received praise for its coverage.

From what one can see, “praise” isn’t quite the word we would use. Sydney Chandler (@syds180turn) took to Twitter with a brief but strongly-worded response, stating “Your racist coverage of the royal wedding was beneath contempt. You sicken and disgust me.”

Others described the coverage as being “shameful and detestable,” stating that it reminds them “of Hitler Germany.” 

That the broadcast was public and showed no shame alarmed many, like George Townsend (@GeorgeTownsend), who remaked “This happened in 2018, not 1950.”

Even if you wouldn’t consider the commentary racist, you have to admit, the fascination with the royal wedding’s African-American guests was unusual, if not a bit concerning.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter