Man Originally Diagnosed With The Flu Ends Up Having All Limbs Amputated

Davide Morana, felt ill in January, with a sore jaw and a fever. He went to an emergency room in Spain and after giving blood and urine samples, was told he had the flu. The hospital sent him home.

 It didn’t take long before Morana, an Italian man living in Spain, knew something wasn’t right. As his fever worsened he began vomiting. By the next morning brown marks appeared appeared on his face.

Morana described how he felt, saying: 

I was feeling very weak. I felt pain in my feet, they felt as if they were frozen, and when I took off my socks I saw how my feet were covered with brown marks like the ones on my face, but a bit bigger.

 He returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with meningitis. The brown marks on his body began to turn purple, then black. Doctors placed him in an induced coma, as his kidneys began shutting down. Within a week all four of Morana’s limbs were amputated. 

Still, Morana, a sports enthusiast, managed to somehow keep a positive attitude. He has shared his progress on Instagram and a website has been set up to take donations to get him the prosthetic limbs he needs. 

H/T: PopCulture