Two Drum Majors Just Showed Us Exactly How To Cross A Graduation Stage With Style ????

Graduation day. A moment in a student’s life that they should be most proud of. According to two Winston-Salem State University graduates, it’s also the perfect time to let your personality shine. During an otherwise steady procession of students receiving their diplomas, drum majors Brandon Burgess and Tre’quan Holman stole the show by showing off their incredible dance moves.

Burgess starts off the impromptu dance-off with an impressive kick-to-split, which Holman follows up with a show of flexibility. While schools are known for taking their graduation processions seriously, WSSU faculty and staff cheered the two students on, showing that there are very few “bad times” to break out into dance.

When questioned about the performance, Burgess explains, “I didn’t even hear my name get called out. I opened the door and Tre’ finished it and he just closed it out.” The two WSSU graduates became friends in their freshman year on their path to becoming drum majors.

“I really don’t know where I would be without Winston,” Burgess states. “It was my only choice and my first choice.”

After graduating, Burgess plans on working in multimedia journalism while continuing to work with students and building his own band.

Burgess and Holman weren’t the only ones unable to contain their excitement about graduating. Another group of WSSU students was filmed giving their own performance during the ceremony.

It’s nice to be able to see a school embrace its student’s boisterous personalities and not chide them for getting caught up in the moment. WSSU even took to Twitter to bost how unforgettable its commencement ceremony was, pointing out the more than a million views it received on Instagram.

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