Kindly Labrador ‘Adopts’ Nine Ducklings After They Lose Their Mother, And It’s Too Pure ????

Mountfitchet Castle is a tourist attraction in Essex, England. It’s a reconstructed castle that is home to several rescue animals as well as some livestock, fowl, and Fred the Dog. 

Fred was just a regular resident labrador, happily living life as a stately ten-year-old pupper. Then, one of the mama ducks who lived at the castle went missing and her babies were left to wander the castle grounds lost and all alone. Fred the Dog had to do something… so he adopted the ducklings and no,  this isn’t a pitch for a new Disney films. 

Meet Fred, the proud papa of nine little ducklings.

Word soon spread from the castle to Twitter.

People can’t get enough.

We’re totally willing to start a movement for this Good Boy. #BeLikeFred

There was initially some talk of sending the ducklings to live elsewhere when mom disappeared. Now that they’ve bonded with Fred they don’t need the extra care and protection. Those babies will be staying in their home, safe and cozy together with each other and their new dad, Fred.

Good Boy.

H/T: Twitter