Man Live Tweets His Trip To A Science Museum With A Bunch Of 10-Year-Olds—And The Pain Is Real

That is a look of despair. One you’d expect to see from a man that just learned his 25-year employment has been terminated and a computer is replacing him. But Simon Smith didn’t lose his job. He’s lost his mind during a two-hour coach ride to the London Science Museum.

Smith opted to chaperone a trip for a class of 10-year-olds to the science museum and what unfolded was hilarity for the Twitterverse and a living nightmare for him. He starts off his experience the day before, on May 20th, already pessimistic about the experience. “I’ve got a treat for you tomorrow. I’m live tweeting adulting on a School Trip to the Science Museum.”

But before he can embark on his epic journey, there’s a bit of unusual paperwork for him to sign. 

First thing in the morning, before the coach even sets off on the two-hour trip, Smith gets a taste of what he’s in for. When 60 10-year-olds say they don’t need to use the bathroom, you can bet, within a half-hour of the trip, they’ll all need to go.

Before that reality sets in, however, Smith deals with the apparent “fuckery” caused by seat belts.

And that one inevitable student who can’t handle the ride.

Only a mile in, Smith starts to realize what he’s gotten himself into and is forced to listen to the banter of the youth. 

Then, the worst of it hits…

When they arrive at the science museum, the torture only worsens for Smith.

Once in the museum, things don’t get much better. 

On the way back home, Smith makes a realization that may have crushed what was left of his soul.

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for enduring such horrors for our entertainment.

Smith isn’t the only one to have had such an experience. Others have chimed in with similar memories.

As much fun as Smith’s Twitter-rant was, there’s always somebody to kill the mood. Robin Stevens (@redbreastedbird) takes care of the joy you may have gotten out of the thread with a truth bomb.

And if they’re not ruining the fun with reality, they’re playing a game of “Others have it worse!” or finding a way to turn it into a gender battle.

Knock it off, Twitter. Just let us and Mr. Smith have our fun.

H/T: Twitter