Texas Man’s Racist And Xenophobic Road Rage Rant Caught On Video: ‘This Isn’t Pakistan, B*tch’

This was no ordinary case of road rage, if there is such a thing. An engineering student at Texas A&M University, Ali Alghamdi, was going about his day when he noticed the car in front of him driving erratically. First the car ran a stop sign and then it continued to slam on the blakes, causing Alghamdi to do the same. 

 After a few minutes of this, things turned ugly. The driver of the black Chevrolet, Alghamdi was following, suddenly swerved his car, putting it in park, and blocking Alghamdi. It was then, the driver of the Chevy got out of his car and began verbally attacking Alghamdi. What started as accusations of tailgating quickly escalated to a string racial slurs, including calling Alghamdi a terrorist and shouting:

You better learn how to drive in America. This isn’t Pakistan, bitch. This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait, motherfucker.

 Alghamdi recorded the confrontation for his own protection, saying: 

I was just shocked; honestly, I was scared. 

Eventually the toxic man returned to his car, but the drama was far from over. He followed Alghamdi to his next destination and as Alghamdi completed his errand the man spoke with the store clerk. He then left and moments later the police arrived to talk to Alghamdi.

Luckily for Alghamdi, he had the video tape of the entire ordeal. When he showed it to police they had a better understanding of what really happened and encouraged Alghamdi to press charges. He did and a few days later the man had been identified and are pursuing charges of disorderly conduct. 

 Alghamdi explained why he felt compelled to film the hateful encounter, saying:

Yes, it’s road rage, it happens to everyone but as soon as the man realized I look different.Absolutely, race was part of it.

I didn’t know what this guy is capable of. But just because I look different, just because I sound different, doesn’t mean you can attack me.

H/T: Huffington Post