‘Very Sober’ Ohio Man Calls Police After A Pig Won’t Stop Following Him Home 🐷❤️

What does a pig have to do to get a little love? Apparently, following strangers home isn’t the answer. 

The North Ridgeville Police Department in Ohio received a bizarre call at 5:26 a.m. on Saturday morning. A man reported being followed by a pig that he could not shake. 

It’s not a stretch to think the police may have suspected that the early weekend call most likely followed a hard night of partying. 

Still, the police officers followed their duty and met the man, even though they assumed he was either drunk or on drugs. To their surprise, when they arrived, not only was the man “very sober”, he wasn’t lying about the pig. There she was, looking for love in all the wrong places. 

The officers, after a short chase, managed to get the pig wrangled, and put her into the police car. One of the officers snapped a photo and it was posted to the police department’s Facebook page.  

Turns out the pig is named Zoe and she was reunited with her owners a few hours later.  

And before anyone wants to get clever with the pig in the police car jokes, North Ridgeville Police Department is already one step ahead.


Also, we will mention the irony of the pig in a police car now so that anyone that thinks they’re funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard.

Have a great day.

News of the stalking pig, made headlines around the country. 

Twitter didn’t disappoint with the wee little piggy jokes and other related puns. 

Some folks wrote alternative, darker endings to the story. 

Many folks related to Zoey’s plight. 

Some saw more meaning in the pig’s persistence:

To recap—

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