15-Year-Old Santa Fe Student Died Trying To Protect His Art Class From The Shooter

 More stories are coming out about the heroic acts taken during the Santa Fe High School shooting that resulted in 10 people losing their lives. 

One such story is that of Christian “Riley” Garcia, who was murdered while trying to save his fellow classmates. When the shooting started, Garcia, 15, attempted to block the shooter from entering the art class. Doing so cost him his life when the gunman shot through the door. 

According to Garcia’s pastor, Keenan Smith, the teen showed a remarkable bravery that should have never been placed on his shoulders. Smith said:

He was holding the door shut when the shooter was trying to gain access into that art room … the shooter shot through the door, taking his (Garcia’s) life.  He was against the door trying to help his teacher, trying to help another student, and trying to shield the others there.

Although Garcia is being hailed as a hero that is little consolation to a family that lost their son to senseless gun violence. Smith added:

This doesn’t ease the pain any. It doesn’t stop the void that will forever be there, but it does bring a measure of peace. They (Garcia’s family) are praying and hoping that they will be able to be reunited with him and see their son.

People agree that this should never happen to someone so young.